Team Building

Build your team together

Bringing teams together
can be hard

Change Works offers a wide range of teambuilding activities, events and experiences for corporations and businesses. All of our team development events are fundamentally fun and engaging, purposely designed to encourage strong team collaboration and bonding.

Team building exercises are a powerful way to bring a group closer together, form lasting bonds, develop team strengths, and address weaknesses. Through the right activities, team building will not only strengthen your team and help develop stronger working relationships, but it will also immediately boost team spirit and bring a new dynamic to how your team work and grow together.

We don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all approach to team building and we will design and develop all our team building events and exercises to fit your team needs. We can focus your team building on a combination of any of the following:

  • Improving team communication
  • Developing team spirit and vision
  • Improving team effectiveness
  • Developing team synergy through innovation
  • Improving team relationships
  • Creating solution focused thinking
  • Developing leadership skills

Before we run a team building session, we will consult with you on what your objectives are and what you would like to achieve from the team building experience. We will then recommend or develop a team building program for you.

All of the team building programs offered by Change Works are designed to be enjoyable, meaningful and insightful. We make sure that participants leave our team building sessions with fond and happy memories as well as new key team skills relevant to their jobs and real life work situations.

Based in Bangkok, we are able to provide team building events anywhere in Thailand. Please take a look at our Team Building menu for a list of our suggested team building events and exercises, or contact us to talk about how we can cater a team building exercise for you.

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Ramp Team Building Bangkok Thailand

Ramp Run Activity

This is a highly collaborative team activity gets teams to exercise all the key aspects of effective teamwork by building RAMP!

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Compass Training Bangkok Thailand

Compass Personality Exercise

The compass personality exercise provides participants with a very simple tool to identify different personality types in the workplace and understand communication styles.

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The Amazing Race Bangkok (Inner City)

Learn the fundamental knowledge, behaviours and strategies of effective leadership! Develop leadership capacity!

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swap team building bangkok thailand

The Amazing Bike Race Bangkok (The Bangkok Swamp Race)

Learn the fundamental knowledge, behaviours and strategies of effective leadership! Develop leadership capacity!

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swap team building bangkok thailand

The Amazing Thai Cultural Race

Learn the fundamental knowledge, behaviours and strategies of effective leadership! Develop leadership capacity!

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chain reaction team building bangkok thailand

Chain Reaction

Learn the fundamental knowledge, behaviours and strategies of effective leadership! Develop leadership capacity!

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picasso team building Bangkok Thailand

Picasso Challenge

The group will create an art “Master Piece” that can express a corporate vision, idea or goal. The art masterpiece is the final product of an session of brainstorming, sharing and developing a collaborative vision for the future.

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Tallest Tower

The Tallest tower challenge offers participants the opportunity to learn about creative problem solving in a fun and engaging way. Using spaghetti and marshmallows, teams have to compete to build the tallest towers.

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cooking team building bangkok thailand

The Master Chef Cooking Challenge

The Master Chef cooking challenge provides an excellent opportunity for your team to participate in a meaningful and enjoyable team bonding experience. The teams will create their own dish since selecting the ingredient to complete the menu.

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Lego team building bangkok thailand

Lego Land

The Lego land team building session comprises of the strategic challenges that the participants have to solve. Each of the challenges can be designed as metaphors for challenges and problems that the participants face in the workplace.

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build your own golf course team building bangkok thailand

Build Your Own Golf Course

Your group is divided into teams, each of which is responsible for designing and constructing a mini golf green. The challenge is to make each hole fun, interesting and conceptual.

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indoor olympic team building bangkok thailand

Indoor Olympics

The Indoor Olympics is a highly engaging and energetic activity. The activities include blindfolded tent building, bridge building, balancing team members on balloons, capture the flag, relay events, the sider web, and many more

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chocolate challenge team building bangkok thailand

Chocolate Challenge

The Chocolate Challenge models business processes within a highly creative and energising activity. Teams must work together creatively, plan strategically and communicate effectively to develop and make a new brand of boxed chocolates.

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movive maker team building bangkok thailand

Movie Maker – Stories of success

The movie maker team building activity provides your teams a great opportunity to write, shoot, act and edit your very own movie. You can create the movie around your own organisational goals, performance or vision for the future.

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Crazy Golf Challenge

The participants learn the fundamental skills of golf while enjoying a collaborative team challenge.

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tent team building bangkok thailand

Tent Building

Tent Building will help your team collaborate and communicate to help the team to achieve the same goal.

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space hopper team building bangkok thailand

Space Hopper Race

In the space hopper, Participants must bounce forwards from a starting point to cross a line. Races can be designed for both individuals and teams for up to 200 participants.

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