Being an effective communicator is at the heart of all leadership roles and effective teamwork and collaboration. Professionals that get results are those that know how to communicate and work with others effectively. This interactive and engaging one day program has been developed specifically to teach you the interpersonal communication skills that lead to more effective, more satisfying, more rewarding relationships with those around you. Having the ability to connect and interact effectively is a skill required by all professionals at every level of an organization. 


  • Learn what effective communication means in today’s world 
  • Learn the key characteristics of an effective communicator 
  • Understand the need for effective communication in today business environment 
  • Develop your levels of emotional intelligence
  • Learn how to listen effectively 
  • Know how to ask solution focused questions 
  • Learn about different communication styles
  • Understand body language and how to use it to communicate effectively  
  • Be able to recognize different communication styles and adapt accordingly 
  • Understand and learn about your style of dealing with conflict 


Module One: Introduction to effective communication

  • What is effective communication?
  • Learn the qualities of an effective communicator
  • Recognize why communication breaks down  

Module Two: Emotional Intelligence

  • Learn the framework of emotional intelligence 
  • Assess and evaluate your current levels of emotional intelligence 
  • Identify areas for EI development

Module Three: Communication styles

  • Understand and recognize different personality styles 
  • Learn how to adapt your communication style to connect with others 
  • Learn how to influence and persuade 

Module Four: Non-verbal communication

  • Learn how non-verbal communication impacts our message  
  • Learn to use body language to add impact to communication 
  • Know how to build rapport using body non-verbal communication

Module Five: Dealing with conflict

  • Understand how people deal with conflict 
  • Understand your own behavioral styles during conflict 
  • Learn strategies to communicate effectively during conflict