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Core Focus:

The core focus of all Change Works leadership training and coaching programs is to develop and build resilient, dynamic and competent leaders that can shine in times of uncertainty and unprecedented change. As we move through an era of disruptive markets and digitalization, leaders must be more ready than ever to lead, engage and motivate their people to thrive and stay ahead in the evolving game of business.


Leadership Training and Coaching Solutions

Change works offers standardized and tailored made training solutions to accommodate leaders at all levels, capabilities and experience. We also specialize in creating leadership programs that are designed specifically for your organization.


Change Works Standard Leadership Training Programs


Leadership Essentials: New or Emerging Leaders

The leadership essentials program covers six fundamental areas of leadership. Although the program is designed for new leaders, it can also be very beneficial for experienced leaders that wish to sharpen their skills.


Leading Leaders Program: 3-5 years experience

This program is an opportunity for experienced leaders to reflect on their journey so far and to also learn new skills, techniques and strategies to lead in the future.


Strategic Leadership: Experienced Leaders

This 5 day session is designed for organization leaders and directors. The objective of the session is to provide the attendees with strategic leadership and change management strategies, techniques and processes to drive the organization forward. Alongside the learning objectives, the attendees will also be guided through self-reflection upon their own leadership style, traits, and areas of personal development.

Leadership Training Bangkok

Leadership – Essentials

Learn the fundamental knowledge, behaviours and strategies of effective leadership! Develop leadership capacity!

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Supervisory training bangkok thailand

Supervisory Skills

Learn the essential skills required to become an effective supervisor or team leader.

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strategic negotiation training bangkok thailand

Strategic Leadership

This 5 day session focuses on the essentials of leading your team to success with effective leadership and strategic.

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Change Management training bangkok thailand

Change Management

Learn the fundamentals of change management! This course focuses on change process and people.

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train the trainer training bangkok thailand

Train the Trainer

The Train the Trainer programme prepares delegates to deliver outstanding training sessions regardless of the topic.

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management essential training bangkok thailand

Management Essential

The management essentials programs provides delegates with the foundational skills and knowledge to manage a team effectively.

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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Business Essentials

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a series of techniques utilizing the ability of the mind to achieve success.

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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner Certification

As a certified NLP Practitioner, you will be able to help your clients and yourself to be the person that you want to be.

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Winning with Thais, Thailand

Innovation through design thinking

Design thinking provides the thought processes, tools, and strategies that can be applied by people at every level within an organization to become innovative thinkers.

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Change Leadership

You will learn the qualities and initiative required to be a change leader while learning to face their own areas for improvement head on, ultimately arriving at a practical action plan designed for real change.

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Need Something More Custom?

Change Works offers tailored courses and programs to meet the specific needs and requirements of you team. We provide consultation to ensure that the programs that we provide are effective. If you would like to learn more about our customisation  services, please contact us today.

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