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Creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace


Creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace

Program outline:

The “One-Day Psychological Safety for Managers” program is a comprehensive workshop designed to equip managers with the essential knowledge and practical skills needed to cultivate psychological safety within their teams and organisations. Throughout this intensive one-day session, participants will delve into the core concepts of psychological safety, exploring its theoretical foundations and understanding its vital role in promoting team performance, innovation, and employee well-being.

The program will empower managers to recognise the signs of psychological safety and address common barriers that hinder open communication and trust. They will explore their pivotal role in creating a safe and inclusive workplace culture, learning from real-world case studies and interactive discussions. Practical exercises will foster trust, empathy, and active listening skills.

Furthermore, the workshop will delve into topics like diversity, inclusion, risk-taking, and conflict resolution, offering tools and strategies to create a supportive environment where employees feel heard and valued. Participants will leave with actionable insights, a commitment to change, and a clear action plan to implement within their teams, fostering psychological safety and contributing to a healthier, more productive workplace.


    • Understand the concept of psychological safety and its significance in the workplace.
    • Identify the theoretical foundations and benefits of psychological safety for both individuals and teams.
    • Recognise the impact of an unsafe work environment and common barriers to psychological safety.
    • Explore the role of managers in fostering psychological safety within their teams.
    • Learn strategies to build trust and rapport among team members.
    • Engage in practical exercises to apply trust-building techniques.
    • Explore the relationship between diversity, inclusion, and psychological safety.
    • Acknowledge and address unconscious bias in the workplace.
    • Discover strategies for creating inclusive work environments that promote psychological safety.
    • Participate in a workshop activity to raise awareness of unconscious bias.
    • Learn how to encourage employee voice and ideas.
    • Explore tools and methods for measuring and monitoring psychological safety.
    • Develop an action plan with personal and team goals for implementing psychological safety strategies.


    Module 1: Introduction to Psychological Safety

    • Welcome and Opening Remarks
    • Icebreaker: Building Trust and Openness
    • Importance of Psychological Safety in the Workplace

    Module 2: Understanding Psychological Safety

    • Defining Psychological Safety
    • Research and Theoretical Foundations
    • Benefits of a Psychologically Safe Workplace
    • Recognizing the Impact of Unsafe Environments

    Module 3: The Manager's Role

    • The Manager’s Influence on Psychological Safety
    • Setting the Tone: Leading by Example
    • Interactive Discussion: Managerial Approaches and Impact
    • Case Studies: Effective vs. Ineffective Managerial Responses

    Module 4: Building Trust and Rapport

    • The Role of Trust in Psychological Safety
    • Strategies for Building and Maintaining Trust
    • Active Listening and Empathetic Communication
    • Practical Exercises: Trust-Building Scenarios

    Module 5: Fostering Inclusivity

    • Diversity and Inclusion: An Integral Part of Safety
    • Recognizing Unconscious Bias
    • Strategies for Creating Inclusive Work Environments
    • Workshop Activity: Unconscious Bias Awareness