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Winning with Thais in Work and Life

Provide participants with valuable understanding and appreciation for Thai culture in the context of work and life


This one day Thai cultural awareness program for expatriates truly opens the door to the secrets of Thai culture. This program is excellent for both newly arrived expatriates and long standing expatriates who want to learn how Thais think, what drives them and how to win them over! This workshop guarantees the answers to some of the greatest cultural barriers between Thais and expatriates. Save time, frustration and energy!! 

Winning with Thais in Work and Life is designed to provide participants with valuable understanding and appreciation for Thai culture in the context of work and life. Participants will find this course beneficial on a number of levels, not only are the common aspects of Thai culture covered but also the hidden elements of Thai culture that are not always apparent to foreigners living or working in Thailand. Understanding these hidden aspects allows participants the opportunity to tackle and overcome the cross cultural issues that are so common among expatriates and Thais. The program undoubtedly assists participants in acclimatizing to life in Thailand as well easing the pressures and frustrations that are commonly experienced by many who lack the fundamental knowledge of Thai way! 


  • Learn about the secret 
  • Thai cultural traits Learn the fundamentals of Thai values
  • Understand the best way to get things done in Thailand Understand the social circles and influences in Thai society Understand Thai body language
  • Become familiar with Thai management styles
  • Learn about Thai work practices
  • Learn the do and don’t’s of Thailand
  • Find out how Thais prefer to do business


Module One: The Impact of Culture

  • What is culture?
  • The culture ice berg
  • How culture impacts impacts perception and behavior

Module Two: Thai Life

  • Understand the Thai education system 
  • Thailand as a country 
  • Important elements of day to day living in Thailand 
  • Thai society and Thai social circles

Module Three: Thai Values

  • An introduction to Thai Values 
  • Be able to identity and understand core Thai values and behaviors 
such as Kreng Jai, Haikiat, Boonkhun, Samruam 
  • Compare differences and similarities to your culture 

Module Four: Working With Thais

  • Understanding traditional Thai leadership styles 
  • Managing Thai teams 
  • Problem solving

Module Five: Questions and answers session

  • Answering common challenges or misunderstandings
  • Advice on working effectively with Thais 
  • Open forum