Story Telling for Success

Ignite Emotions through story telling

Story telling for influence

Change Works offers workshops to teach professionals how to create, design and deliver stories that influence. Our workshops are designed and tailor made for there key areas of focus:

  • Storytelling for Organizations
  • Storytelling for Marketing products and services
  • Storytelling for High Impact Presentations

Throughout history, people have used storytelling to persuade, educate and influence others to buy-in to ways of thinking, beliefs, and ideas. The power of storytelling is actually nothing new yet it is still as powerful as ever.

Today successful individuals, businesses, and organizations use the power of story telling to sell their brands, products, and services. Storytelling is used to create company cultures, generate followers, and motivate, inspire and influence others to believe, follow and take action. Stories engage the emotions of the listeners, they deepened connections and give meaning to people, organizations, and products.

Story telling for organizational success

When developing a new company culture or transitioning through an organizational change, an organizational story helps teams to understand their identify, past successes and direction for the future. An honest and engaging organizational story creates meaning behind the vision, mission and values of an organization. Our Story telling for organizational success workshops will take you through each step of the story telling process to ignite a new direction for the future.

Marketing products and services through story telling

Creating value and meaning behind products and services creates an emotional connection with potential customers and clients. Good story telling helps you to do that. Our workshop guide you and your team through the process of creating powerful stories that create uniqueness and meaning that impact the emotional needs and desires of your customers.

Story telling for impactful and meaningful presentations

Great public speakers and presenters engage their audiences through story telling. They use stories that connect with the emotions, needs and desires of the audience. They create understanding and meanings that are memorable and that last. Their stories inspire and energize engagement, and lead others to take action or make change. The Story telling for impactful and meaningful presentations workshop teaches participants how to create and craft powerful stories that can be applied in a wide variation of presentations and public speaking scenarios . By the end of the workshop, participants will have the knowledge and skills to create stories that inspire!

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