Social and Organizational Network Analysis Reports (SONAR) is the next generation of psychometric assessment – the sociometric that offers an x-ray view of your organization and the employee relations within. By monitoring your organization’s informal employee network, SONAR can provide actionable results and suggestions for policy change to improve the efficiency of your organization.

SONAR map assessment, Bangkok, Thailand


SONAR Can provide an x-ray into the inner workings of an organization – a state-of-the- art tool of making invisible patterns of information flow and collaboration in strategically important groups visible

  • Map your organization’s informal influence network.
  • Find hidden influencers and key opinion leaders.
  • Identify top change agents.
  • Find barriers and bottlenecks in information flow.
  • Build and strengthen critical connections.
  • Align interactions to reach the fullpotential

How does SONAR work?

SONAR is a collection of mathematical and visualization tools with its roots in analytical sociology, psychology and graph theory.
Typically, SONAR follows five stages to completion: Objectives, Surveys, Data Processing, Analysis, and Solutions.

SONAR assessment, Bangkok, Thailand

What is SONAR use for?

SONAR can be of use for any organization where employee interactions are pivotal for business strategy and profit. In particular, over the past few years, organizational network analysis has proven useful in the following:

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