Ramp Run Activity

Program overview

This is a highly collaborative team activity gets teams to exercise all the key aspects of effective team work. Effective planning, communication, time management and proactive collaboration are essentials for a team to complete this activity. Your group will be divided into two teams, each team has to build a 4 Meter long ramp out of recycled newspaper and card. The winning team is the team that is able to roll a tennis ball down the ramp and goes the furthest distance.

ramp team building bangkok


  • Applauds and rewards “outside-the-box” solutions
  • Relies upon innovative leadership
  • Encourages creative problems-solving ideas
  • Stimulates solution focused thinking
  • Fosters collaborations and team ownership of ideas
  • Drums up creativity and originality
  • Provides guidelines for future success
  • Encourages team members to share their voice

Activity Details

  • Number of participants: 50 People
  • Time: 1 hour including brief
  • Activity Type: Indoor /outdoor
  • Energy Level : 2

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guy-1Paul (MD of Change Works) is so passionate on his work. He has been terrific throughout the course hes designed specifically for our young leaders.
Pressure facing young leaders in our current high tech, fast changing world is immense. Some of the participants attended the course left us after realizing that their life goal do not align with the company culture. Others who are still with the company has been tremendous, a revolution and is the bedrock of the company culture, cultivating younger leaders for the future.
I have enjoyed Paul’s method; full of fun, laughters and sometimes tears. I will not hesitate to recommend Paul to anyone and he is worth every penny!

Willem Q – Director at Langdon

guy-2How do you make a team motivate & push themselves further?
Ask Paul and the Change Works team!
My team & myself had several fantastic workshops with Paul, and many of us had the extra privilege of further one on one sessions with him. From the very next day after one of his workshops, you could feel the difference in the office.
A perfect way to make an already fantastic team push themselves further and raise our awareness of things that had slipped passed, unnoticed.
A year later, and we are still using his terminology & tools so that we can help ourselves. Thank you Paul, for giving us something priceless.

Walter – GM Dean and Deluca Thailand

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