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High Impact Presentation Skills

Focuses on the fundamental skills and strategies that result in the delivery of a high impact presentation


In today’s world of business, exceptional communication skills are without question the core skills that every executive must acquire. For business and relationships to be successful there has to be effective communication at every level of an organization. This workshop focuses upon the most feared form of communication –Presentations! 

The key objective of this training program is to provide you with the right knowledge, skills and strategies to become an effective presenter. The program also develops self-confidence and self-belief about presenting and removes some of the fears that people have about standing up in front of an audience. The session focuses on the fundamental skills and strategies that result in the delivery of a high impact presentation. As part of the training, participants will also be filmed so that hey can see themselves in action and receive direct feedback from the facilitator. 


  • Provide a frame for preparing and constructing a powerful presentation
  • Help you to deliver presentations with confidence
  • Empower you to focus on your presentation message rather than yourself
  • Teach you the essential skills needed to deliver an effective presentation
  • Help you to become a more effective communicator
  • Teach you how to use body language to add impact & congruency to a presentation 
  • Enable you to use verbal and non verbal techniques to persuade your audience 
  • Provide you with techniques to engage and inspire your audience
  • Enable you to watch yourself present and make instant improvements
  • Provide you with the strategies to answer difficult questions 


Module One: Developing and constructing a powerful presentation

  • Creating a structure: Introduction / Body / Conclusion 
  • Designing and defining the purpose and outcome of your presentation 
  • Understand and know your audience

Module Two: The Presenters Touch

  • Developing rapport and connection with your audience 
  • Creating the right energy 
  • Creating a mindset for success

Module Three: High Impact delivery – Non verbal Skills

  • Developing the right posture 
  • Meaningful movements 
  • Using facial expressions 
  • Using eye contact effectively

Module Four: High Impact delivery – Verbal skills

  • Using voice to add impact and meaning 
  • Using PACE / Inflection /Volume 
  • What to avoid

Module Five: Handling difficult questionS

  • Handle questions professionally 
  • How to answer questions you can’t answer 
  • How to deal with difficult people

Module six: Presentations in Action

  • Live recording and instant feedback 
  • Analysis your presentation strengths and areas for development