Negotiation is a skill that most of us use on a daily basis. Unfortunately, it is common that in most negotiations there tends to be winners and losers. With this type of outcome, conflicts and future issues can and very often arise. Mastering the art of creating win/win situations in negotiations is key to future business, sales and effective and meaningful relationships.  Great negotiators are excellent communicators. 


Module one: Introduction to negotiation

  • Understand the types of negotiations that exist 
  • Know the characteristics of an effective negotiator 
  • Learn the steps of negotiation 

Module two: How to negotiate

  • Learn the 8 steps to negotiation 
  • Understand and apply BATNA
  • Learn techniques involving variables, concessions, settlement ranges 

Module three: Effective Communication and negotiations

  • Learn the different communication styles 
  • How to use non-verbal communication to increase your effectiveness 
  • Know how to disagree while maintaining relationships 

Module Four: Handling Psychological Tactics in Negotiations

  • Learn psychological tactics used in negotiations and how to respond 
  • Learn techniques on how to deal with demanding or angry negotiators 
  • Prepare your game plan 

Module five: Negotiations in action

  • Practice your negotiation skills in case studies 
  • Receive feedback on your performance 
  • Create a plan for further development