MBTi Personality Assessments

Better understand your personality
Understand others
Communicate and lead more effectively

Course overview

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) one of the most powerful and popular tools available for you to really get to understand your own personality type.

Based on over 50 years of research The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is the most widely used personality type preference indicator in the world. Over 2 million people a year utilize the MBTI to gain greater understanding about themselves and others.

The reasons why the MBTi has become  such a commodity to companies, teams and individuals around the globe is simple. Individuals and/or groups that take the MBTi assessment gain:

  • A working understanding of the four dimensions of personality type
  • A strong understanding of their own personality type
  • Understanding about how and why other people are different from you
  • Insightful knowledge of personality type that can be applied to better understanding and managing others

MBTi Leadership

The MBTI Leadership workshops helps up and coming leaders to really understand themselves and his/her leadership style.
The MBTI Leadership workshop allows participants to reflect on their strengths and areas for development.

MBTi Team building

The MBTI Teambuilding workshops provides the participants with the opportunity to understand themselves and their teammates. The workshops highlights different personality types along with strengths and areas for development and focus.

MBTi Communication

The MBTI Communication workshop emphases the differences in personality and preferred communication styles.
They workshop allows participants to reflect on how they communicate with others and how they can improve their communication skills.


Personally Benefits:
  • Understand your own personality in detail
  • Understand your leadership and communication style
  • Understand how you make sense of the world
  • Gain insight on how you prefer to make decisions
  • Recognise your strengths and areas to develop
  • Recognise and see things from other’s perspectives
Team Benefits:
  • Understand your team members personality types
  • Understand how to work more collaboratively
  • Learn about each other’s strengths
  • Appreciate individual differences
  • Recognise and see things from other’s perspectives
  • Develop strategies to increase team performance
  • Reduce team conflicts
  • Increase team effectiveness

What we offer

Change Works International provides a number of one and two day workshops based utilising the MBTi assessment.

These workshops include:

  • MBTi Leadership
  • MBTi Team building
  • MBTi Communication
  • MBTI Coaching
  • MBTi Selling
  • MBTi Stress

Why use MBTI?

There are multiple benefits to which the knowledge gained from our workshops that can be easily and directly applied:

  • Helping you make (or revisit) critical life and choices
  • Gain greater insight to self – strengths and areas for development
  • Help you understand and manage your subordinates
  • Build more effective team – working
  • Conflict resolution management
  • Diversity and cross cultural management
  • Organizational development and behavior
  • Career and/or academic counselling



Before the workshop, the individuals take the MBTI – either online or on paper, depending on the situation.

Session One: Understand Personality Types

We start the workshop with an activity to get the team comfortable and open to learning. Then we briefly cover the purpose of the workshop, the instrument’s history and address any questions or concerns.

Next we do activities to bring to life the 4 dichotomies of the MBTI: Extraversion/Introversion (E-I), Sensing/iNtuition (S-N), Thinking/Feeling (T-F) and Judging/Perceiving (J-P). The idea is for participants to get a feel for all the types before they find out what the instrument says, in this way they won’t “tune out” information that they might think doesn’t apply to them

After the activities, each person will come up with a self-reported type, against which to compare their MBTI results. That’s when we hand out the results and go over them.

Sometimes a person’s self-reported type will be different, and we encourage people to decide on their own best-fit type themselves. Typically a difference is the result of behaving differently at work than in their personal lives. In any case, we will try to arrive at a true type for each individual before proce

Session Two: Application

Next we’ll plot everyone’s results on one Type Table to see the distributions of type on the team. This will help us to identify the team’s cumulative type, which can greatly influence the work culture. For example, in a team of 10, if 8 have a preference for Introversion, this can make meetings and dialogue somewhat reserved. Special care needs to be taken to ensure that ideas are worked out in the open.

Or if most of the team has a preference for Perceiving over Judging, we might find that decisions take a long time and are not committed to. In this case, we might need to come up with processes to ensure decisions are made well and in a timely fashion.In general, Team Type will also help us to uncover natural strengths upon which to build, as well as weaknesses for which we need to compensate.

Depending on the nature of the team, we will create appropriate activities to put type to work and get people comfortable with using it. For example, with sales teams we might create different sales scenarios that pair opposite types to help the salespeople learn to tailor their presentations.

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guy-1Paul (MD of Change Works) is so passionate on his work. He has been terrific throughout the course hes designed specifically for our young leaders.
Pressure facing young leaders in our current high tech, fast changing world is immense. Some of the participants attended the course left us after realizing that their life goal do not align with the company culture. Others who are still with the company has been tremendous, a revolution and is the bedrock of the company culture, cultivating younger leaders for the future.
I have enjoyed Paul’s method; full of fun, laughters and sometimes tears. I will not hesitate to recommend Paul to anyone and he is worth every penny!

Willem Q – Director at Langdon

guy-2How do you make a team motivate & push themselves further?
Ask Paul and the Change Works team!
My team & myself had several fantastic workshops with Paul, and many of us had the extra privilege of further one on one sessions with him. From the very next day after one of his workshops, you could feel the difference in the office.
A perfect way to make an already fantastic team push themselves further and raise our awareness of things that had slipped passed, unnoticed.
A year later, and we are still using his terminology & tools so that we can help ourselves. Thank you Paul, for giving us something priceless.

Walter – GM Dean and Deluca Thailand

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