Understanding and aligning your behaviors with your core values is essential for effective and sustainable leadership. Being true to yourself and others, and leading with integrity is sometimes lost in the pursuit for personal gain of short terms wins.  Such actions very often result in leaders suffering with an ongoing struggle of internal conflicts and the loss of trust from those who they lead. This program is designed to help you understand and recognize your core values, to understand your leadership journey so far and to align your behaviors and actions as a leader so that you lead with authenticity.


  • Understand the principles of authentic leadership
  • Learn the traits of authentic leaders 
  • Review your leadership journey 
  • Reflect upon your core values 
  • Align your core values with your leadership style 
  • Create an action plan moving forward


Module One: An Introduction to authentic leadership

  • What is authentic leadership?
  • Identifying the current need for authentic leaders 
  • Examine the qualities of authentic leaders

Module Two: Your leadership journey

  • Mapping your journey to becoming a leader 
  • Identifying the key experiences and lessons that define you as a leader 
  • Explore the leaders in y9our life that have had an impact on you

Module Three: Under covering your core values

  • Identify your core values and motivators 
  • Review your current leadership behaviors 
  • Align your values with your current leadership role

Module Four : Moving forward – Authentic leadership

  • Share your story 
  • Receive peer mentoring and coaching on personal development 
  • Create a personal action plan