Today, every leader and manager is a change agent. As markets, customer needs and business models adapt and change, leaders need to be equipped with the knowledge, know how and strategies to mobilize teams. However, leading people through change is a challenging process. In this program participants are provided with strategies, process and communication skills to successfully engage, inspire and drive individuals and teams through positive change.


  • Understand the principles of effective change management 
  • Learn the common errors or mistakes made during change management
  • Learn a variation of models used for change management process 
  • Learn how change impacts people within your organization 
  • Learn the psychology behind change and resistance to change 
  • Learn how to manage different attitudes through change 
  • Know how to communicate change effectively 
  • Design your change communication plan


Module one: Introduction to change

  • What is change? 
  • The principles of change management 
  • Common mistakes made in change management

Module Two: Implementing change

  • Preparing for change 
  • Introducing common change management processes 
  • Applying change management processes to your organizational change

Module Three: Change and people

  • Learn how people respond and react to change 
  • Understand the resistance to change 
  • Learn how to manage different attitudes through change

Module Four: Change Communication

  • Creating a powerful and inspiring change vision 
  • Communicating change throughout your organization 
  • Creating an effective change communication plan