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Leading and Driving CHange

Successfully engage, inspire and drive individuals and teams through positive change


Leading Change is a workshop designed to help individuals and organisations navigate through the complex and challenging process of change. The workshop is designed to provide attendees with the tools and strategies they need to effectively lead change within their organisations. The workshop will cover topics such as:


  • Understanding the change process: Participants will learn about the different stages of change and how to identify the most appropriate approach for their specific situation.
  • Communicating change: Participants will learn how to effectively communicate change to different stakeholders and how to build support for the change initiative.
  • Managing resistance to change: Participants will learn about the common causes of resistance to change and how to manage it effectively.
  • Building a change plan: Participants will learn how to create a comprehensive change plan that takes into account the needs of all stakeholders and the potential impact of the change.
  • Leading change: Participants will learn about the skills and attributes needed to effectively lead change, such as emotional intelligence, adaptability and communication.


The workshop will be led by experienced change management professionals who will share their real-world experiences and offer practical tips and strategies for leading change. The workshop will include a mix of interactive activities, group discussions, and case studies to ensure that participants are able to apply the concepts covered in the workshop to their own organisations.


The workshop will be beneficial for anyone who is responsible for leading change within their organisation, whether they are managers, team leaders, or business owners. It will also be valuable for anyone who wants to develop their change management skills and prepare for future leadership roles.


  • Understand the principles of effective change management 
  • Learn the common errors or mistakes made during change management
  • Learn a variation of models used for change management process 
  • Learn how change impacts people within your organization 
  • Learn the psychology behind change and resistance to change 
  • Learn how to manage different attitudes through change 
  • Know how to communicate change effectively 
  • Design your change communication plan


Module one: Introduction to change

  • What is change? 
  • The principles of change management 
  • Common mistakes made in change management

Module Two: Implementing change

  • Preparing for change 
  • Introducing common change management processes 
  • Applying change management processes to your organizational change

Module Three: Change and people

  • Learn how people respond and react to change 
  • Understand the resistance to change 
  • Learn how to manage different attitudes through change

Module Four: Change Communication

  • Creating a powerful and inspiring change vision 
  • Communicating change throughout your organization 
  • Creating an effective change communication plan