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Leadership Essentials

Fundamental knowledge, skills and strategies to manage or lead teams effectively


Moving from being a team member to the leader of a team or a manager is a very big shift.  Very often people are promoted because they have demonstrated a high standard of skill in a technical or professional role and management see growth potential. However, managing or leading teams requires a very different skill set. This two-day program provides you with the fundamental knowledge, skills and strategies to manage or lead teams effectively. This program is a must for any new team leaders of managers.


  • Be equipped with the fundamental skills to manage and lead others
  • Identify your own strengths and areas of development as a leader
  • Learn how to communicate assertively and effectively as a leader
  • Be able to create a powerful team vision 
  • Know how to deal with people moving through change 
  • Be able to manage your time effectively
  • Know how to engage and motivate your team members 
  • Know how to give team members feedback
  • Gain basic skills of coaching so that you can develop others


Module One: Becoming an effective leader

  • Learn the attributes of an effective leader
  • Understand your leadership style by exploring your leadership journey
  • Gain awareness into your strengths and areas of development

Module Two: Leadership communication

  • Learn the principles of effective communication as a leader
  • Be able to understand different communication styles
  • Learn how to influence

Module Three: Effective time management

  • Learn simple yet powerful time management strategies
  • Learn how to use the situational leadership model
  • Learn how to delegate effectively

Module Four: Leading through change

  • Create a powerful change vision 
  • Know how to communicate a change vision 
  • Learn the key factors to ensuring successful change 
  • Deal with people and attitudes during the change process 

Module Five: Motivating your team

  • Apply the six human needs model to motivate and inspire
  • Know how to get the best from your team
  • Be able to engage your team more effectively

Module six: Coaching your team to success

  • Learn the principles of facilitative leadership 
  • Learn the basic principles of coaching 
  • Develop the skills to give feedback