This coaching performance program has been specifically designed to train and develop managers and leaders that want to be able to effectively coach teams. The fundamental strategies, skill and techniques of effective performance coaching will be covered in the program. The program is highly interactive and the participants will have the opportunity to develop their skills through extensive practice and developmental feedback


  • Understand what coach is and what it is not 
  • Understand the benefits of coaching 
  • Learn the principles of effective coaching
  • Know how to prepare yourself to coach 
  • Learn the process of GROW 
  • Develop the skill of answering powerful and insightful questions 
  • Understand and practice active, reflective and deep listening 
  • Learn how to conduct on the job coaching conversations 
  • Develop your coaching skills through practice and feedback


Module One: Introduction to coaching

  • Learn what professional coaching is and what it is not 
  • Learn the essential skills of an effective coach 
  • Learn when you can coach and when you cannot coach

Module Two: Leader as coach

  • Why do leaders need to coach?
  • Understand how coaching fits into the role of a leader 
  • Learn the role of coaching in situational leadership

Module Three: The art of listening

  • Listening with presence 
  • Learn active, empathetic and deep listening 
  • Practice and develop listening skills

Module four: Asking insightful questions

  • Understand question types 
  • Learn the importance of asking questions 
  • Practice and develop your questions

Module Five: The coaching process

  • Introducing the steps to effective goals setting 
  • Learn how to coach through the GROW process 
  • Know how to follow up and give feedback

Module Six: Coaching in action

  • Observe a full coaching session 
  • Practice being a coach and being coached 
  • Receive feedback on your coaching skills