Innovation through design thinking

Giving your business the edge

Course overview

The fast pace of the business world today forces organizations to constantly adapt and quick. Those companies that are able to change survive and those that can’t go under. The organizations that are leading the way are those that recruit and train dynamic and innovative employees that can drive the business forward and create new solutions to take products and services to new levels. Today innovation is everyone’s business. Every industry and sector demand it!

Design thinking provides the thought processes, tools, and strategies that can be applied by people at every level within an organization to become innovative thinkers. Giving your teams this knowledge and these skills to think innovatively is a key piece of the puzzle to becoming successful and maintaining that success as an organization.

Based upon the design thinking approach, Change Works provides team workshops that ignite innovative thinking and approaches that can be applied in all organization to uncover creative opportunities that will drive your business forward, solve problems, create new solutions, satisfy customer demands and engage teams. In fact, the list of possible ways in which design thinking can help your business grow is endless.

The two-day program is broken down into modules that take teach the concept of design thinking, the processes and the tools for creating innovative opportunities, ideas and actions. During the workshop, we use a business challenge of your choice to explore as the case study for the session. Your team will not only learn about design thinking they will also work on a real situation that your organization will benefit from in the process.


Techniques of NLP can be used to bring forth major benefits in:

  • All areas of Business, including Sales and anything involving communication
  • Personal and Life coaching
  • Coaching in areas of therapy
  • Education, teaching, and learning
  • Personal growth and development, including boosting self-esteem and confidence
  • Lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking, weight loss, removing procrastination


The session modules include:

Module One: Introduction to design thinking
  • What is design thinking?
  • How is it different to other approaches?
Module Two: Developing the mindset for design thinking
  • Learning mindset
  • Customer empathy
Module Three: Ideation
  • Research and planning
  • Exploration through mind mapping
Module Four: Experimentation
  • Prototyping
  • The customer needs it, we can deliver it!
Module Five: Case study: Working on your business challenge

As with all of our programs we customize the sessions so that the participants and your business gets the most benefit possible.

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