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Inclusive leadership (One day program)

Inclusive leadership adds a new dimension to leadership concepts by putting the focus on diverse groups and individuals.


Inclusive leadership is a leadership approach which appreciates diversity, welcomes everyone’s individual contributions, and encourages full engagement with the processes of decision-making and shaping reality. Inclusive leaders have the courage to take conscious steps to break down the barriers facing people who are at risk of being excluded from society. Inclusive leadership adds a new dimension to leadership concepts by putting the focus on diverse groups and individuals. It addresses individuals at risk of exclusion by looking at their needs, aspirations and potential, and empowering them to participate fully in society.


  • Understand the principles and practices of inclusive leadership
  • Reinforce self-awareness, as well as awareness of the impact you have on other people
  • Develop awareness of your leadership journey, values and strengths
  • Know the fundamental traits and behaviours of an inclusive leader
  • Be clear about your unconscious biases and how to manage them
  • Develop your levels of emotional intelligence
  • Enhance you active, reflective and empathetic listening skills
  • Know how to create a safe, creative and collaborative working environment


Module One: An introduction to inclusive leadership

  • What is inclusive leadership?
  • The inclusive leadership approach
  • Traits of an inclusive leader
  • Benefits of inclusive leadership

Module Two: Practicing self-awareness as a leader

  • Who are you as a leader?
  • Self-awareness and mindful leadership
  • The leadership journey
  • Values, strengths and areas of vulnerability
  • Unpacking unconscious bias

Module Three: Building relationships as an inclusive leader

  • Communicate with emotional intelligence
  • Develop the power trait of ‘Empathy’
  • Be an effective listener
  • Insight questioning for clarity and depth

Module Four: Creating and living a shared vision

  • Create a psychologically safe environment
  • Lead in alignment with values
  • Facilitate creativity and ideas
  • Create an inclusive culture

Workshop Format

The program is designed to be highly interactive, engaging and inclusive. The session can be delivered online or face to face. The program is delivered through a combination of: Mini -lectures, group discussions, peering mentoring, self-reflection exercises, case studies.