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Executive Coaching

Set and prioritise new goals to improve you as a person and a leader


Executive Coaching

Here at Change Works, we or both face to face and virtual executive coaching sessions designed to help create the world-class leaders of tomorrow. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable coaches are all certified and accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). We recognise the importance of effective coaching when helping individuals to achieve their potential.

What are the benefits of executive coaching?

Executive coaching plays a vital role in businesses ranging from SMEs to large multinational organisations operating in several countries across different continents. Specifically, coaching helps in the following ways:

Assisting the individual reach their full potential as a leader

Some people are born natural leaders, while others will require some coaching and guidance to help them achieve their maximum potential as a leader. Even the best and most experienced leaders can benefit from executive coaching to some degree.

Improving overall performance

Executive coaching can improve performance both of a personal level and at a whole business level. Making small changes in how you carry out tasks as well as to the way you think can lead to a dramatic improvement in efficiency, productivity and performance.

Getting unstuck

We can all get stuck both metaphorically and in real-life situations in our work and professional lives. Executive coaching will help you unravel your situation, making it more manageable and help you to become unstuck and move forward positively.

Developing the required professional skills

We will all have to develop professional skills to some extent. It may be altering our thinking and how we interact with people or maybe adapting to changes in technology. Whatever professional skills you need polishing, executive coaching can help turn a good leader into a great leader.

Improving an individual’s work/life balance

In today’s modern and hectic world, finding the right work/life balance can be difficult. Time is precious, so no one wants to be wasting their time doing things that aren’t important. Getting the right balance between your work life and your personal life is essential, and you will witness the benefits in both areas of your life if you can achieve it.

Setting new goals

Executive coaching can help you to set and prioritise new goals to improve you as a person and a leader. Having flexibility and being agile is one of the facets of a great leader so being open to, and being prepared set new goals will help you to achieve your potential.

Helping to organise thoughts

Our thoughts can quickly become jumbled if we lead a hectic lifestyle. Arranging these thoughts in an efficient and organised way will lead to more reasoned thinking and better judgements. Executive coaching can help you to alter your thought process to make it more organised and rational.