Cross Cultural

Understand and appreciate different cultures
Implement guidlines and strategies to
improve team effectiveness

Course overview

Working with people from different cultures brings many benefits. However it can present challenges. Other than language,   differing values, work practises,  management styles and ways of communication can create hidden walls and obstacles. This workshop is designed specifically for professionals who work within a cross cultural workplace.  This one day workshop provides the participants with the opportunity to learn about each other’s cultural values, perspectives and differences while identifying and designing collaborative communication strategies and solutions for more productive and successful working relationships.

Cross Cultural Management


  • Understanding the impact of culture and its importance
  • Understand the different cultures that exist in your workplace
  • Know the most important values of the different cultures within your team
  • Identifying possible challenges or misunderstandings
  • Create strategies to overcome cultural challenges and differences
  • Come up with guidelines and ways to support each other moving forward
  • Enhanced Working relationships
  • Create more openness and understanding among your team members


MODULE ONE: The impact of culture
  • Know the impact and importance of culture and cultural values
  • Understanding how culture form people’s beliefs, values and opinions
  • Learn about the cultural iceberg
Module Two: Understanding the different cultural values
  • Understanding Thai culture and living/working in Thailand
  • Learn about and appreciate each other’s cultural values
  • Q and A about each others culture, values, expectations
Module Three: Misunderstandings and challenges
  • Understand why misunderstandings happen
  • Identifying common misunderstandings and misconceptions
  • Bridging the gap / Overcoming the misunderstandings
Module Four: Strategies and solutions for success
  • The art of listening and asking solution focused questions
  • Developing empathy and understanding
  • Identifying and create team communication strategies for future success

Why choose this course?

  • Enhanced cross cultural working relationships
  • Bring more openness and understanding to multicultural teams
  • Gain a deeper sense of appreciation, empathy and understanding among team members
  • Clarity and understanding about what different cultures value and how to work together successfully

Who is this for?

  • Any diverse working team
  • Multicultural workplaces
  • Multinational organisations

 Strategies for success

For multicultural teams to work together effectively, strategies and guidelines need to be implemented. In this session, teams work together to create their own strategies and guidelines for future success.

Action planning

Once teams have created their own guidelines and strategies, they create an action plan to move forward.

Coaching Options

Teams are offered group coaching sessions to ensure the successful implementation of the program

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