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Cross Cultural Management Training

Explore the differences in values and preferred behaviors of each of your team members from a cultural perspective


Managing multicultural teams that can collaborate and communicate effectively.  Differing values, work practices and language can inhibit productivity and successful teamwork. Using the Globe Smart cultural assessment (Cultural mapping), you will explore the differences in values and preferred behaviors of each of your team members from a cultural perspective. Then you will work on strategies to bridge any possible gaps, enhance understanding and leverage the diversity of your team. This is an insightful and highly practical program that is customized specifically for your team members.


  • Understanding the impact of culture and its importance
  • Understand and appreciate the different cultural values within the workplace 
  • Assess and map the cultures within your team
  • Evaluate your team strengths  
  • Understand where cultural differences may cause conflict 
  • Establish strategies to leverage the strength of diversity 
  • Enhanced team collaboration and cooperation 
  • Minimize misunderstandings and maximize success


Module One: Introduction to culture

  • What is culture?
  • Explore how culture impacts behavior 
  • Learn the culture ice berg

Module Two: Globe SMART

  • Introduction to the Globe SMART cultural inventory 
  • Learn the Globe SMART Cultural scales 
  • Explore, review and understand your teams GLOBE SMART profile

Module three: Cross cultural team development

  • Identify your teams uniqueness 
  • Explore team strengths and areas for development 
  • Identify key areas of focus for team development

Module Four: Move your team forward

  • Develop guidelines for effective meetings 
  • Develop guidelines for dealing with problems 
  • Develop guidelines for effective communication