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Conflict Management

Your team will walk out of the workshop with a toolbox of techniques to dealing with conflict confidently


Conflict is an inevitable part of teamwork. High performance teams know how to embrace and manage conflict so that it results in increased levels of trust, openness and team development.  This program will induce your team to effective ways to manage conflict to ensure the best possible outcomes. Your team will learn about their individual preferences to dealing with conflict and also be introduced to other strategies that can be more effective depending on each situation. Your team will walk out of the workshop with a toolbox of techniques to dealing with conflict confidently. 


  • Develop strategies for dealing with conflict
  • Learn and practice a simple conflict resolution process
  • Find out the potential benefits of conflict when handled properly 
  • Become more confident in handling common workplace conflict situations
  • Be aware of the different styles, strategies and outcomes of conflict
  • Recognize the potential benefits and disadvantage of third party interventions 


Module One: Conflict resolution primer

  • Is conflict good or bad?
  • Potential benefits of conflict
  • Cost of conflict
  • Defining workplace conflict

Module Two: Conflict Anatomy

  • Possible conflict outcomes
  • Conflict resolution strategies
  • Conflict resolution styles

Module Three: The conflict resolution process

  • The resolution process to follow
  • Bridging and using the right language
  • Principled negotiation
  • Men, Women and conflict
  • Mediation and Arbitration

Module Four: Games and conflict resolution

  • Conflict resolution games.
  •  Types of games people play in conflict resolution.
  •  Counter tactics and dealing with games.
  •  Costs associated with unresolved conflict.