Interpersonal Communication Skills for Professionals

Communicate with confidence and impact
Know how to communicate with different personalities
Communicate with influence and certainty

Course overview

Mastering interpersonal communication skills have to be a primary focus for all professionals. If you have to communicate, collaborate, persuade or influence others on a daily basis then this one-day session on interpersonal communication will be of benefit to you at multiple levels.

Communication skills

This one-day session focuses on the core skills, behaviors, and attributes of being a highly effective communicator. The session offers the opportunity to learn and develop powerful techniques and strategies that will help boost your confidence and add further impact to the way you communicate with others, both professionally and personally. Applying the skills covered in this program will lead to more effective, more satisfying, more rewarding relationships.


By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Develop confidence to interact and converse with others
  • Learn how to build rapport and develop positive chemistry with others
  • Be able to ask powerful questions to ignite conversations
  • Know how to learn about others needs, motivations, values
  • Be able to listen to understand and build trusting relationships
  • Use body language, gestures, and expressions to add impact
  • Tailor your content and style to the audience and promoting free-flowing communication


Module One: Introduction to effective communication
  • Understand the principles of effective communication
  • Challenges of communication
  • Understanding misunderstands
  • The 7 C’s of effective communication
Module Two: Communication styles and personality
  • Learn and understand different personality and communication styles
  • Know how to tailor your communication to meet the communication styles of others
  • Know how to communicate to influence
  • Learn how to build rapport and connection
Module Three: Empathy and the art of listening
  • Develop listening skills to connect and understand
  • Learn to listen to build trust
  • Learn different listening techniques to understand others at a deeper level
  • Develop your level of empathy to create more meaningful relationships
Module Four: Questioning techniques
  • Why questions count
  • Learn to ask questions that bring solutions
  • Understand the differences between open and closed questions
  • Questioning for insightful conversations
Module Five: Non-verbal communication
  • The power of non verbal communication
  • Reading micro expressions
  • Using body language to express confidence and impact
  • Use non verbal communication to build rapport
  • Reading non verbal cues
Module Six: Conducting productive conversations
  • Know how to prepare and hold difficult conversation
  • Be able to make difficult conversation safe
  • Learn simple models for giving feedback, disagreeing and saying no
This program is beneficial for all professionals that have regular face-to-face interactions and meetings with others.

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