The Chocolate Challenge models business processes within a highly creative and energizing activity. Teams must work together to plan, develop and make their own brand of boxed chocolates. At the beginning of the session, our facilitators will teach and show your group how to go through the process of making chocolate. Teams will then be given the time and the materials to make chocolate and packaging for their products. After the teams have finished, they will have to present their new brand of chocolate through powerful photography to the judges who will decided upon the winning team! 
This activity can link to many aspects of business, innovation, creativity, business process and team work. Depending upon your desired objectives and outcomes, our facilitators will create a tailor-made solution to ensure that your team has a great experience and takes away key learning points that can be applied directly to enhancing team work and/or higher productivity in the workplace.



      Group Size

      10 to 150


      Activity can be link to: 

      • Team Spirit 
      • Cross functional collaboration
      • Design thinking 
      • Leadership 
      • Team work