Bangkok is a fun, high energy activity that will give your team the opportunity to bond and really get to know each other while exploring the sights of Bangkok. The amazing race team building activity takes participants to some of the most historical, unique and amazing parts of Bangkok. 
At the beginning of the race, your group will be divided up into sub-teams that will compete against each other.  Each team will be given instructions, maps, money (for travel and challenges) and introduced to the change works support guides. As safety is our primary concern, team will also be briefed on safety protocols and measures. Once the teams are ready, they will set off to complete the different challenges across Bangkok. As participants navigate their way across the city and complete the challenges set, they will have to record all their adventures and achievements on the camera. The Change works guides will be there as support.



      Group Size

      10 to 150


      Activity can be link to: 

      • Team Spirit 
      • Collaborative problem solving 
      • Leadership 
      • Team work 
      • Driving change