The Amazing Race Bangkok

Inner City

Program overview

The Amazing Adventure Race is exactly just that – an exciting adventure race! Teams are given clues and tasks which they must complete to continue forward on the race. It’s very simple, the first team to finish, wins! The amazing race requires team members to work together, communicate effectively, overcome challenges together and react under pressure.

The Amazing Race – Bangkok will take participants to some of the most historical, unique and amazing parts of Bangkok. At the beginning of the day, your group will be divided up into sub teams to compete.  Each team will be provided with their first clue, instructions and a Change Works support person. As participants race around Bangkok, they will be expected to use different forms of transport including the sky train, long boat, and Tuk Tuk to compete assigned tasks .

Participants will get the opportunity to visit the Grand Palace, Wat (temp) Arun, Wat Po, Jim Thompson, and many other attractions around Bangkok. As participants solve glues to move from one location to another, they also have to complete challenges at each point and record all of their adventures on camera.

If your organisation is not based in Thailand, we will design a race that ensures the participants get an amazing and unforgettable tour of the City of Angels – Bangkok.

This is a high energy activity.
We recommend that all participants are in good health and fit.


  • Enhances group collaboration
  • Increase team spirit
  • Stimulates creativity
  • inspires competitiveness
  • Provides an amazing day out

Activity Details

  • Number of participants: 10 to 150 People
  • Time: 4-5 hours including brief
  • Activity Type: Outdoor
  • Energy level: 3

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guy-1Paul (MD of Change Works) is so passionate on his work. He has been terrific throughout the course hes designed specifically for our young leaders.
Pressure facing young leaders in our current high tech, fast changing world is immense. Some of the participants attended the course left us after realizing that their life goal do not align with the company culture. Others who are still with the company has been tremendous, a revolution and is the bedrock of the company culture, cultivating younger leaders for the future.
I have enjoyed Paul’s method; full of fun, laughters and sometimes tears. I will not hesitate to recommend Paul to anyone and he is worth every penny!

Willem Q – Director at Langdon

guy-2How do you make a team motivate & push themselves further?
Ask Paul and the Change Works team!
My team & myself had several fantastic workshops with Paul, and many of us had the extra privilege of further one on one sessions with him. From the very next day after one of his workshops, you could feel the difference in the office.
A perfect way to make an already fantastic team push themselves further and raise our awareness of things that had slipped passed, unnoticed.
A year later, and we are still using his terminology & tools so that we can help ourselves. Thank you Paul, for giving us something priceless.

Walter – GM Dean and Deluca Thailand

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