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360 degree assessments for leaders and managers


Change Works provides customizable 360-degree assessment services for leaders and teams. Our services include the administration and design of 360-degree assessments, individual feedback reports and one-on-one interpretation and feedback coaching sessions.


Step One: Consultation and assessment design

We will work with you to establish the outcomes that you wish to achieve conducting the 360-degree assessments with your team. We will then create and design an assessment that meets your organizational needs.

Step Two: Assessment administration

We will guide each candidate through each step of the process ensuring that they are completely clear about the objectives and feel comfortable with the process. We will be there to answer their questions and manage their expectations.

Step Three: Feedback analysis and candidate reports

Once candidates have completed the online assessment. Change Works will analyze the data and generate individual reports for each candidate.

Step Four: Individual feedback coaching and interpretation sessions

To ensure candidates fully understand the content of the 360-degree report, each candidate will receive a 1.5-hour feedback/coaching session.

Step Five: Individual development and action plans

As part of the coaching/feedback session, candidates will work with the coach to create a professional development plan.

Additional Services

Follow up coaching sessions can be arranged, depending on need.