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Review of Hogan Assessments

As a facilitator and executive coach I use a selection of different personality and psychometric assessments to help my clients better understand themselves at a deeper level.

These types of assessments are a great way to spark personal insight and open the door to self reflection that we hope leads to personal and professional growth.

Hogan actually offers a number of different assessments and psychometric tools. These tools can be used for various reasons; strengthening your employee selection process, leadership development, succession planning, and talent management.

Hogan’s theory behind personality is somewhat different to many other schools of thought in regards to the science of personality. Where as assessments such as DISC and the Myers Briggs type indicator or more commonly known as the MBTi, look at personality from the perspective of the individual or self, Hogan throws a very different angle on this. Hogan affirms that your personality is your reputation, it’s how others perceive you rather than how you perceive yourself. This can sometimes throw people off guard when receiving feedback from the assessment.

For this reason, coaches and consultants must be certified by Hogan in order to be able to administer the assessments and interpret the feedback for their clients. This is to ensure of course that the reports are comprehended correctly and in the right manner.

Typically, when I use the Hogan for coaching engagements, I like to use three reports with my clients.  HPI, MVPI, HDS. These reports are produced by hogan automatically once the client has completed the online assessment.

So the HPI  (Hogan personality Inventory) also known as the bright side report measures how people behavior on a day to day basis when they are at their best. It predicts job performance by measuring normal personality. It does this by detailed insights into 7 personality scales.

The MPVI reports  –  Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory, identifies ideal jobs, positions and work environments. Again a great report that can be used in coaching to help clients really dig down to understand what drives them and what their core preferences are.

And the final report, my favorite – HDS. The HDS explores the dark side of your personality or negative tendencies that emerge when under prolonged stress.  The HDS looks at these negative tendencies as possible career derailers.

I find this report fascinating. And for me it offers the most insight and value. This reports shines a spot light and perspective on areas of our personality that we may not be aware of or feel uncomfortable acknowledging or confronting. Nevertheless, this report provides a solid starting point for self development and improvement.

So overall the Hogan Assessments are great tools for coaches and consultants to help professionals develop, grow and reach their potential through gaining insight into personality.

As Hogan assessments are a premium product they do come at a price and of course, coaches and consultants who use Hogan must be certified to administer the assessments and interpret the reports.

If you are a manger or leader and you would like to learn more about your personality or wish to develop your leadership capacity, please feel free to message me.

Likewise, If you are a coach or consultant and you would like to get certified to offer and administer Hogan Assessments, please also get in touch with me and I will point you in the right direction.

I hope this information is useful and give you little more insight into Hogan!

Written by Paul Marks

Managing Director – Change Works