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Is your organization conducting 360 degree assessments?

Here are some quick and simple tips to help ensure a successful outcome

360 degree assessments can be extremely powerful tools to help executives gain better insight into their behaviours based upon the perceptions of those that work with and around them. It provides an excellent platform for behavioural change and development.

However, if the assessment is conducted in the wrong way or manner it can do more harm than good. Here are some quick tips to increases the chances of a successful outcome.

  • Prior to conducting the 360 assessment, the candidate must be fully aware and understand the purpose, process, intentions and expectations of the assessment. Being assessed can be an intimidating and threatening experience especially if all aspects are not communicated with openness and clarity.
  • 360 assessments need to be conducted with the right intentions and with integrity. The purpose of a 360 assessment is to help and support an individual grow, not to have them fired, knocked down or attacked. If the assessment is conducted without integrity and right intention, it can be very harmful to the candidate and the organisation.
  • The candidate accepts the assessment and is ready and open for change. If the candidate resists the 360 assessment or doesn’t feel that they need or want to do it, then the chances of him or her making any changes are very limited.
  • The candidate is shown and given full support by the organisation on his or her path to development and growth. Working on behavioral changes is not easy. However, with the right support and encouragement, the chances of success can be significantly improved.
  • The feedback is given and conducted by an experienced coach. The feedback from a 360 degree assessment can be tough for an individual to accept. The person delivering the feedback needs to be skilled in asking good questions, listening, giving feedback and supporting without judgment.
  • Use a quality 360 degree assessment tool that has been well developed. If you are going to spend the time and effort to conduct a 360 assessment, it is worth using an assessment that offers quality data and feedback.
  • Make sure that an action plan is put in place. Without an action plan nothing changes. The 360 assessment will only ever be a conversation if there are no steps to follow. This is extremely essential.
  • The candidate is given follow up support and coaching after the assessment. To ensure behavioral changes take place there needs to be follow up, accountability and support.
  • Implementing a proper coaching engagement after the assessment is an essential success factor.

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