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Are you feeling stuck? – 7 Tips to retake control of your life

One of the most common reason why people hire me as their coach is because they are feeling stuck.

Maybe it is because they are in a job that they don’t enjoy, they have lost the passion for what they do or maybe it is because they realize they need to do more with their life.
What ever the reason, feeling stuck can be a horrible place to be. As a coach, my job is to help them move from being stuck to retaking control of life and making long lasting positive changes.

If you are feeling like you are stuck, then I think the following tips might be of use to you.

  1. Take time out to think about what you really want
    Very often people feel trapped or stuck because they haven’t taken the time to really consider what they want in life. Pretend that you have a magic wand and write down what life would be like if things were perfect for you.
  2. Reconnect with your values
    Reflect upon what is important to you. What do you value in life? Are you living your life in alignment with your core values?
  3. Reflect on your personality preference
    Take the MBTi personality assessment to better understand your personality preferences. This exercise can really help you get a better understanding of what you prefer and feel comfortable doing.
  4. Set GOALS
    Once you start to get clarity about what you want, set some goals. Make sure your goals are specific, measureable, achievable, relevant and timely.
  5. Take Action
    Once you have goals in place, you must take action. Plan your actions by scheduling them into your day.
  6. Talk with friends
    Bounce ideas off of people that know you. Share your concerns and feelings with others. It is sometimes good to get another perspective on a situation.
  7. Hire a coach
    Having your own coach provides you with a process and support system to help you move from being stuck to getting your life back on track.

Remember: Feeling stuck doesn’t mean that you are stuck. Life can change as soon as you make a decision to change it!

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