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provider in transformational learning based solutions for individuals, teams and corporations. Our team is dedicated to empower, support and develop people from where they are today to where they need to be.We specialize in Leadership and team development. We also offer a full range of corporate training programs and solutions and we are happy to design or tailor make courses and programs that meet the specific needs of you, your team or your company. Give us a call today.

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Leadership Development Solutions - Thinking forward to the future 

Leadership Development Solutions – Thinking forward to the future 

Are you driving change or being driven by it! We live in one of the most transformational times in human history. Business is in turmoil! Digitalization, mobilization, globalization, and technology combined with artificial intelligence are at the core of mass-market disruption across all industries, sectors and boarders. As we race towards the future, the way […]

Supervisory Skills

Facilitation skills for leaders

Effective leaders are able to are able to facilitate discussions and meetings that bring out ideas, suggestions, and solutions from their teams. Effective leaders realize the importance of generating ideas and empowering others. Professionals new to leading sometimes lack the experience, knowledge, and skill set to facilitate meetings and discussions effectively. Change Works now offers […]

Time Management

Getting Thais to speak out in meetings

As a facilitator that regularly runs sessions in Thailand, I have first-hand knowledge and experience of the common issues that organizations face. One of the key challenges for Thai and expat managers a like is engaging teams effectively in meetings. A common observation is that Thai employees tend to be reserved and are often fearful […]


Popular training


Change Works provides full executive coaching programs for leaders and executives. Our programs include assessments, ongoing coaching sessions and support to ensure development and success for all of our clients.


Team building, team coaching and offering team retreats is an area that we specialize. All of our team development programs are tailored to meet your team’s specific needs. We also are happy to offer free advice and support.


Our leadership training programs range from leadership essential skills for new leaders right the way through to the most advanced areas of leadership training. We also provide fully tailor-made leadership courses to meet your company requirements.


Change Works sales training solutions range from a one-day introduction to sales success to the psychology of sales and consultative selling skills. We offer both sales training for both B2B and B2C. Customer service is also a component of our sales training series.



Introduction to Life Coaching

Learn the basics to coach others – A profitable career that can be done anywhere in the world. This is a straight to the point introduction to life coaching course. In the course you will learn the fundamental skills, processes and strategies to be able to start coaching others.


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What our clients say

Paul (MD of Change Works) is so passionate on his work. He has been terrific throughout the course hes designed specifically for our young leaders.
Pressure facing young leaders in our current high tech, fast changing world is immense. Some of the participants attended the course left us after realizing that their life goal do not align with the company culture. Others who are still with the company has been tremendous, a revolution and is the bedrock of the company culture, cultivating younger leaders for the future.
I have enjoyed Paul’s method; full of fun, laughters and sometimes tears. I will not hesitate to recommend Paul to anyone and he is worth every penny!

Willem Q – Director at Langdon

How do you make a team motivate & push themselves further?
Ask Paul and the Change Works team!
My team & myself had several fantastic workshops with Paul, and many of us had the extra privilege of further one on one sessions with him. From the very next day after one of his workshops, you could feel the difference in the office.
A perfect way to make an already fantastic team push themselves further and raise our awareness of things that had slipped passed, unnoticed.
A year later, and we are still using his terminology & tools so that we can help ourselves. Thank you Paul, for giving us something priceless.

Walter – GM Dean and Deluca Thailand

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Free consultation on training needs

We want to help you make the right decisions when investing in personal or team develop yourself and your team. We offer free consultations to help you identfy your training needs and how we can support and make recommendations.

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Free coaching session

Are you interested in coaching? Would you like to know how it works? To answer your questions, Change Works offers a one time free one-on-one coaching session. Contact us today for more information.

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